Friday, March 26, 2010

A Walk To Remember...

Backache, strained eyes, muscular pain, insomnia, upset stomach... sounds familiar... isn't it ? Few very common problems of working professionals like us... and moreover we all know the reason... our unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits... but the worst part is, even after knowing the reason we don't do anything about it... we just keep on crying over our problems and making excuses, but don't want to make any efforts from our side.

"Early to bed and early to rise" has become a thing of past... it is now more of "Late to bed and late to rise". We come late from work or party till late hours...go to bed late...  wake up late... no time for workouts or morning walks... no time to prepare or even eat, healthy breakfast... just rush to office and grab onto any unhealthy thing to eat on the way. This fast food culture is one of the major causes of our ill health... but then we all know that.. don't we ? But who cares...

This careless attitude is the second big reason for all these health problems... we simply don't care... these backaches and body-aches come and go on their own... if they bother us a bit more we take a pain killer or two... go for walks for a couple of days and then back to our same careless attitude. Everyday we go to bed thinking we'll definitely go for a walk tomorrow but then that tomorrow comes for how many of us ?

Another good excuse that we all make is..."We have a very tight schedule... we don't have time for all this..." But come to think of it are we really that busy ??? Can we not give even one hour or 30 mins to ourselves... of course we can... we all can... provided we are determined...

This unhealthy lifestyle is causing a lot of problems... first and foremost our body immunity is weakening day by day and we are becoming allergic to a hell lot of things... believe me friends we all are living in peril and with a whole lot of new diseases showing up everyday we are being exposed to a greater danger.

Come on guys... lets start caring for our body before it stops caring for us !!!


आशीष खण्डेलवाल (Ashish Khandelwal) said... [Reply to comment]

Come on guys... lets start caring for our body before it stops caring for us !!!

m ready :)

Happy Blogging

अरुणेश मिश्र said... [Reply to comment]


market-gossips said... [Reply to comment]

Yes true... but the mere thing that you wrote about it sitting in front of the computer itself is waste of time and does not fulfill the purpose of healthy life ;)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Oh baby...i was a diehard regular walker when i was a working professional...its now that i dont.... ;)

thanks for reminding...i ll head out soon ....take care :)

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